Bear Bones Strength is a program designed to increase strength, mobility, conditioning, and body awareness. Run out of CrossFit SoCo in Colorado Springs, CO, it is a barbell free, non competitive program geared towards complete functionality.

Coach/ Owner

Ryan Parr has coaching for the better part of a decade, from full time CrossFit coach, to building teen athlete programs, and fitness programs, heading up nutrition services at large facilities, to operating his free blog and youtube channel to bring information to the public about fitness and nutrition.

This program came about when he and his family moved from upstate New York to Colorado and Ryan saw a need for fitness class based on real movement principles, that would help those who are interested in supporting their outdoor hobbies or becoming a more fit and capable human, all done in a barbell free non competitive atmosphere.

Ryan chose the kettlebell due it’s versatility, it’s ability to create a more well rounded, pain free training experience, and make people better movers, while creating strength in ways that the barbell cannot.

Mixing together his background of extensive strength training, athletic development, kettlebell prowess, and bodyweight movement basics, Ryan has created a program that is fun, effective, and maximizes strength and conditioning in a way that keep people in the game, and enjoying life for the long term!