Here’s the deal…

I’m new to Colorado Springs, and I’m not your average Personal Trainer.

I’m all about getting you strong, lean, super flexible, powerful, and injury proof, and I do it through the most basic tools.

We’re talking kettlebell, bodyweight, sandbag, sled….

Call it PRIMAL, call it FUNCTIONAL…

It’s just effective.

So if you ready to commit, I’m looking for 3 individuals that will train with me for a month, not miss a workout, listen to my nutrition guidance, and let me share their story, and not pay a dime.

That’s right, I’m offering three free spots for a month of one on one training with me, full accountability, in exchange for showing the world hoe much you kicked ass because of it.

If you think you’re up to it, fill out the application below, and I’ll choose the winners on February 1st!

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