This should be fun. If you don’t enjoy training, you’ll never stick with it!

That being said, our classes are positive, engaging, and a learning experience where we guide you and keep you motivated.

Each class will focus on mobility and movement first, helping you increase your range of motion and learn better body awareness. Our mobility and movement prep warm ups are meant to not only get you warm and moving, but to be an opportunity to teach your body new skills and practice the foundations of functional movement.

We will constantly learn and practice new skills, and when it comes to the kettlebell, these translate to better body awareness, joint stability, and strength.

While this is all coached, we also move at a pace that keeps your heart rate up, and constantly mix up the movements so not only are you getting stronger, you’re tackling conditioning and endurance as well.

Every class will culminate in a workout that is meant to elevate your heart rate, utilize your new skills, and challenge you.

Cool downs include yoga style stretches and breathing, preparing you to head back out into the world and be the best you.

You will build stamina, strength, stability, and certainly be a leaner, stronger, more capable version of yourself!

Ok, sounds fun and all, but when and how much?

For starters, you’ll do a few one on one sessions with the coach, which can be scheduled at any time that is convenient for you. These are meant to not only go over the basics, but to also act as a movement assessment, so that we can better serve you by knowing how you move, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. This is done over the course of 4 sessions, and the cost is $100.

Classes are billed on the first of each month, and there is no contract. A 3 day a week membership is $99, and an unlimited is $135.

Class times are 6 am, and 7pm, Monday through Friday, to accommodate both morning and night folk, and open gym is all day for unlimited membership holders.


  • Personal Training $65/ hour

  • 3X a week Coached Classes $99/mo

What if I’m completely brand new, and am just looking to get in shape?

You’ll be coached from whatever level you’re at, even if you’ve never set foot in a gym. Professional coaching means giving you exactly what you need for your next step, based on your goals. We have nutrition experts on site as well, so we can address any questions you have, and make sure you’re all set up for success!

I have lots of questions, can we meet and chat?

Of course! let’s get coffee and chat, no pressure! Shoot me a message on the contact page, and let’s take it from there!