You can’t be elite without the basics

The teen strength and conditioning program focuses on teaching proper movements patterns in basic lifts such as the squat, deadlift, press, bench, power clean, pushup, pullups, and so forth, so as to create a solid foundation on which to become stronger.

“My 12 year old daughter took Ryan’s class at CFMV. He not only got her in shape, but boosted her self confidence . He has a passion for coaching and is one of the best.”

While kids will be challenged, will grow stronger, become better conditioned hard working athletes, this program is designed to do so in a way that decreases risk of injury both in the gym and on the field of play.

All classes start with mobility, functional movement and dynamic warmups, sprint mechanics, to alleviate the need for separate speed camps.

Students will learn lifts, as coaches we will guide them hands on every step of the way from choosing appropriate weights, to loading, to execution.

Conditioning will come in the form of athletic development through tools such as kettlebells, sleds, dumbbells, ropes, and of course bodyweight.

This program has been in place in Coach Ryan’s former location in New York for the past 4 years, and has seen many athletes come through as stronger, more capable, more confident versions of themselves.

All new athletes are required 2 sessions with coach Ryan to learn the basics and structure of class at a total cost of $100, to be scheduled personally with Coach.

There is no contract to sign, membership is monthly due to kids activity in sports, and cost is $150 a month.

Class times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 4pm-5pm.

For further questions, contact Ryan at Bearbonesstrength@gmail.com, or fill out the form on the contact page.

We look forward to helping your teens learn how to become stronger, more capable versions of the athletes they want to be!